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Why SEO is better than PPC in the New Jersey Area

Here we will diagnose why SEO can be better for your business over PPC if you have a business established in the New Jersey area

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization . You build top quality content , try to cover complete topic to satisfy the query of user. We provide information about the webpage , content , its context so that search engine algorithms can show our webpage for relevant searches .

What is PPC?

PPC is Pay Per Click Advertising. You pay to win top positions in search results for the desired search keywords for your targetted audience

What are the advantages of SEO over PPC?

SEO is practically free clicks or free traffic that you get when someone search on search engine. People trust organic listing more as compared to PPC ads results

What are the advantages of PPC over SEO?

PPC is best when you are looking for immediate results or when you want to compete with the big shots on day 1. Google provides a fair chance for any offering as compared to old established competitions.
Since PPC results process is fast and SEO sometimes take ages to rank on few keywords while with PPC you can with all at once

What is Search Click ratio for PPC and SEO

During the year 2019 , 62% people preferred SEO results over PPC results. Specially in metro cities like New Jersey people preffered 78% SEO results as compared to PPC.

Should we ditch PPC over SEO

No you should not, as great SEO can reduce per click costing of PPC results . Till the time you are winning top positions organically one put both stratgies in their business online marketing plan.




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