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Webflow is a cloud-based website builder platform that can be used by anyone to build a beautiful and amazing website with its Webflow designer without the knowledge of any coding language.

It is very customizable thats why it is the most popular platform for website builders. Anyone can build their website without the fuss of hiring developers and messing around with code.



WordPress is basically a content management system that is totally written in PHP. It works when we combine databases, core files, some plugins and the whole dashboard. Probably most of the new users start with the wordpress to build the websites.



The drag and drop builder function is the most famous option over wordpress. It enables anyone to just drag and drop things to the builder.

You can customize your theme and design it efficiently while in wordpress you restrict only at the custom themes and pages.

It is more advance then wordpress as it is more customizable and more interesting to use.

It is very vast and has more features than wordpress. An user may require some time to fully cover the whole webflow but is very easy.

It help user to explore his/her creativity levels.

It has more menu more widgets and more options to explore.

Make edits to your page directly, so you can be able to see what exactly your page will look like before you publish it. You can also invite editors and collaborators to comment and review the content you added on your website.

Invite editors and collaborators to add and review content on your website.

Powerful hosting with very minimum downtime for your visitors.

SSL certificate included.



  • Webflow gives you a full design freedom whereas wordpress is restricted only at templates or code from scratch.
  • Webflow lets you edit on page, whereas wordpress uses dashboard and page editors.
  • Webflow has a drag and drop feature whereas in wordpress you need a plugin to enable this.
  • Webflow has a good and clean quality code, whereas wordpress has a lot of messed up plugins.
  • Webflow allows you to create interactions and animations without any coding.



In webflow you can have a full control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, so you can operate the visual page builder programto make exact thing what you need. Once you have completed the perfect website you can publish directly to the web or download the code and give it on to your developers.

The page builder in webflow has a very interesting ‘drag and drop’ interface, so you can begin with a blank page and just drag and drop any elements such as background videos, sliders, tabs, and images, to wherever you like them to be. You can view your website page layout in the navigator, and restructure any elements you need with only a couple of clicks.


WordPress vs. WebFlow all reaches down to your precise needs. For individuals with more experience in web design who want a fully customizable site, WebFlow is a better choice, so long as you can afford the higher fees. On the other hand, there is an obvious reason why WordPress is the most popular site builder. It offers great functionality at a reasonable price.







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