Digital Marketing Services


Do you want traffic from Google , Facebook and Youtube , then search no more ! This Omni-directional Traffic basesd Digital Marketing Services by DesArc Solutions from Pluckemin, New Jersey can get provide you brand buzz  that can boost your sales.  Read more at the description.


Digital Marketing Services


A 360-degree process-oriented digital marketing service wherein we identify the strategy to show your ads where customer can search for your offering or discover your service. Following activities will be performed  in a month

  • Website technical optimization according to google pages speed insights guidelines
  • Content Optimization of text and multimedia  on the website to make  better suited for Call to Actions
  • Optimizing landing pages, with keeping and AMP implementation in mind
  • Search Engine Optimization services to get you Organic Free traffic
  • Installation Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, Google Webmaster, Facebook Pixel
  • Creation of Content like blogs, Q&As, Videos and Infographics
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns setup service and ad copies for maximum conversion
  • Retargeting campaigns  for bringing back interesting prospects
  • Email marketing  and Social media campaigns for engagement and better brand buzz



Why do you need  Digital Marketing Services?


Short Answer is that your prospects are online and they are searching for your offering. A Digital Marketing Services agency can ensure that your offering reaches to your prospects.

Digital marketing is a full-time job, and it has so many complex layers to work upon and most of the time a different expert is needed to cater to the tasks. A professional marketing services agency ensures that they cover 360-degree internet presence for better results, agencies keep themselves  updated with the latest tools, platforms and strategies. With a dedicated digital team working for you, you can ensure your focus is in your service delivery.

Desarc solution new jersey will provide you with services that can increase the web traffic to the website, enhance the call to action of the user, and create content like blogs, Infographics, and videos to enhance user interaction. We set up advertisements for the target market and bring back the old prospect as well as generate new customers. To generate better brand value we also provide email marketing and paid advertisement. In today’s world consumers tend to engage more with marketing materiel like videos, clips, pictures, graphics, etc. It is easier to corporate with integrating this multitude of content kinds into advanced advertising than some other sort of exposure. By promoting digitally you get market access to the product exponentially and with computerized advertising, you likewise have the adaptability of testing and halting ineffectively performing efforts continuously. Desarc provides a platform to advertise your product in such a way that it can create increase the brand value of your product in the eyes of consumer, and gives you the feedback of the consumer for future need.




How Digital marketing services are different from traditional marketing services?


It used to be the different answer 10 years ago, however, traditional marketing and digital marketing is more are less fused together and become one. The concept of traditional marketing was on broad visibility or display of offering and you were never sure what kind of traffic or result from your advertisement will drive.

But with Digital marketing services you get more control over key matrices, you know to whom you want to show your ads to, to whom you should target to convert them into prospects and then customers, you know how much efforts you need to put in to get the desired results.

With the rise of the internet, computer and mobile devices a lot depends upon your digital presence. People check the authority on the internet, social proof by checking reviews and feedback. People can check your banner on a highway but most likely they will be making the purchase for your offering on a website or mobile app.

In the traditional form of marketing, we can only market the product in limited areas like newspapers and magazines or hoarding however, in digital marketing products can be marketed on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social media sites. We can also remarket the product to the interested customer by e-mail marketing or ad campaign by specifically targeting the desired customer. In traditional marketing, we can’t find our interested customers and retarget them. And as the world moves forward customers are shifting from buying from local shops to just ordering from mobile apps, we need to understand that having a digital presence and marketing on the internet is the need of the hour.



How we are different than any other Digital Marketing Sevices Agency in New Jersey?


We are no different in terms of usage of tools and platforms. Every Digital marketing services agency is promising and can get your leads or business from Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Every Online Advertising agency can use fancy tools to get you creatives that will look appealing on first glance.

We are different in terms of keeping things simple, we will tell you what we are doing but more importantly why are doing.  We make the best use of blended marketing strategies that will help you achieve long term goal by ensuring short term milestones.

We build a long-term relationship with you, Digital marketing is not a one-time thing it is a continuous process as we need to employ new ways to boost the business. From website design,

Social Media Management, Ad Campaign, UX, etc. You can trust us in long run we will always be there for you. Business is like a seed you need to sow it first and then make efforts to grow. We will always be there for you from sowing till it becomes a tree.




What all things are covered in this 360 degree Digital Marketing Services Plan?


We designed it to provide omni directional traffic to the desired product or service. Best suited for clients who want to scale up the business or want to reduce costs. We cover the following aspects during onboarding we will explain how it will help your sales

  1. Pay Per Click Marketing
  2. Social Media Paid Advertising
  3. Share-Worthy Content Creation ( 1 Video, 2 Infographics, 4 Blogs, 8 images)
  4. On-Page Optimization
  5. Off-Page Optimization
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Retargeting Services10 Best result driven Digital Marketing Services
  8. Search Engine Optimization Services
  9. Landing Page Creation and Optimization Services
  10. Website Maintenance and Development Services



What all platforms will be used in  Digital Marketing Services?


We have segregated the paid traffic platforms into three groups –

Big 4 Paid Traffic Sources

Rising 5 Paid Traffic Sources

Advanced 4 Paid Traffic Sources



What all other points one should know before subscribing to Digital Marketing Services?

  • Google, Bing , Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or any other platform, they all keep on updating their ranking , ad serving and content display algorithms every now and then. When it happens, sometimes we need to realign the strategies to align with the latest algorithms change.  Due to these changes our content, website or ads loses its position/rankings for a certain time period.
  • Above services doesn’t include paid advertising cost that will be billed separately, will be over and above the service cost.
  • Any paid creative, plugin, themes, templates which are purchased after clients approval will be billed separately.
  • For an avg paid advertising budget of USD 10000 is covered in this package and an additional 10% of the total budget will be charged over and above the monthly Retainer ship of USD 2999.
  • We focus of Life Time Cart Value and perform advertising optimization keeping in mind to meet the targets for the future . We want each and every client to remain invested at least for 6 months for Actual Returns to take shape.



Digital Marketing Services


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