Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Food Industry thrives on Taste, hygiene, and Quality, Lately customer services for dining restaurants and  Timely Delivery for Quick Service Restaurants are also major contributors for the Restaurants, But apart from above 5 mentioned factors, footfall at restaurants or more frequent delivery orders are also important for sustaining the business. 


Restaurant Marketing Plan


Food Industry thrives on Taste, hygiene, and Quality, Lately customer services for dining restaurants and  Timely Delivery for Quick Service Restaurants are also major contributors for the Restaurants, But apart from above 5 mentioned factors, footfall at restaurants or more frequent delivery orders are also important for sustaining the business.   While writing this article we are assuming that Taste, Hygiene, Quality, Great Customer Service and Superior delivery system is in place but still customer has to experience at least once to become a regular repeating customer.

You may have thought of trying various strategies and tactics to increase footfall, you may have also heard of using a website to grow your business further but may still receive a dwindling outcome. Maybe the solution is to bring in an expert to help you increase footfall and business in general.

With over a billions of people on social networking sites, your business should be there too.

Restaurant digital Marketing Plan


For both higher footfall or higher orders, business needs to up the game for more buzz creation and hence marketing plays an important role.  Read till the end to apply the following Strategy for marketing the restaurant to enhance your profits.



The Power of Social media For Restaurants:

You like the food,  share the pictures on social media or put on a great review, get instant X percent discount/Cashback on the current bill.


The Power of Social Barter

 You get a gift or discount coupon or something extra like wifi password, unlimited mojito for performing a certain task, like a photo with a branded standee, or trying an additional dish.


The Power of Food Influencer or Any influencer

 There are so many young and budding influencers on Youtube or Instagram or Facebook, invite them to taste the food and write a story about the food and service. Sometimes a small influencer can get you tons of traffic.

Influencers can really up the ante when it comes to creating a buzz. Influencers usually have an audience that connect with them and their content in an instant. As the name suggest influencers can sway the minds of the followers easily, what they say or do immediately resonates with their followers. Food industry also have many influencers, a good review by them can bring in a lot of customers at your doorsteps of your restaurants.


The Power of Organizing and Promoting events

 Using the power for Facebook Ads and Instagram ads you promote a specific event for a certain time period. Distribute a coupon code for a particular time or particular day and often it lands great orders for food. Tip{ use the juiciest  picture or video of food}

Such occasional promotional events can revive certain businesses and for some it can enhance their existing business. It is a healthy habit to organize such events every now and then to keep fresh in the minds of existing customers and attract new ones.


The Power of Random offer on a particular date or day

Get an X% discount if your name is “ABC” on 31st, or Salary day discount on 7th, or you can come up with a regular discount on particular day or date.

Random offers are great as they are too good to be pass over, that is, every person would love to avail them. Such random offers put the potential customers on the spot. Most of the times such offers are availed. Thus, it’s a good way to keep a steady flow of customers.


The Power of “Unlimited”

 Offer anything unlimited for a person at a price that meets the avg price of your most profitable day. Like Unlimited Cheese burst pizza for 1 hour or unlimited time. Most of the time, people get overwhelmed with the idea of consuming so much they end up eating even less.


The Power of Retargeting

 You just need to capture basic information of your customers like name, phone, and number and In this way we can make “ Custom Audience” and show the best food pictures on Social media and Display banners. Some will click on banners, visit your website, some will add something to cart but leave cart before ordering. We can use the Retargeting as a tool to send customized discounts to win some order from that particular order.

Most business tend not to retarget customers who have already been at their restaurants or at least have tasted their food. There is a high percentage of chance that if such customers had pleasant experiences they might come back. But, if you retarget and give personalized offers and suggestions the chances of them ordering or coming back to the restaurant increases exponentially. 

The Power of Purple Cow

 You just need to be remarkable, you will do something so stand out or attention grabber, like putting a big statue of a burger  or offer that no one can refuse like get anything for 100% with a certain stipulation. A great example of this is the happy meal by McDonalds who target children by tempting them with free toys with the meal. Most children are fussy eaters, however, the toys grab the attention and thus generate an interest into buying the whole meal altogether.

The Power of Themes

 Packaging of food plays a vital role, affordable but standout. Great packaging be it in delivery or at dining restaurant presentation plays a vital role, use the power of colors and fragrance to win your customer.


The Power of Loyalty Program

 Provide cashback or certain discounts for the next visit. Provide certain value to your customers so that they can keep coming back.

This trick never gets old, loyalty programs help gain a strong backing and steady support system. Translating this into food industry, if given a choice between a Kfc burger or burger king burger, a customer under kfc loyalty program would always go for a kfc burger.


The Power of Citation 

Always take citation services seriously, choose great pictures and videos. Always ensure that each of your listings has the same information. Consistency matters especially for phone numbers and addresses. Google My Business is important and so is yellow pages.


The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

 If you want be found when customers are searching for your name, or a particular dish or food near your serving locality, be found with Google Ads and Yahoo- Bing Paid Advertising network. For eg. show your ad when someone searching with writing on google “ Indian food in new york”. This is an innovative tactic, most businesses may see it as an expense, but paid advertising pays dividends.


The Power of Blogging

 Start a food blog, Food Blogs usually have highest time spent among blogs. People like to explore food and new recipes. People often try such things at home but always end up eating them at restaurants for the obvious reasons of hassles and taste. Food blogs always provide consistent followers, better engagement and often first to try something new.


These tasks can be automated and performed manually as well. We at DesArc Solutions provide an array of services that can help restaurant buzz grow exponentially

We can provide you services like Content creation, Image Editing, Recipe Infographics, 2D Animation videos, Instagram and Pinterest Management, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads.

We can become a full-time marketing team for a fraction of a cost. Consult us for free of cost for a digital marketing plan.



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