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Why Webflow is better than Wix?

Why Webflow is better than Wix?


  • Main Differences Between Webflow vs Wix

Webflow is a cloud-based website builder platform that can be used by anyone to build a beautiful website with its Webflow designer without the need for any coding skills or knowledge.

It is very customizable thats why it is the most popular platform for website builders. Anyone can build their website without the fuss of hiring developers and messing around with code.

Wix is a website builder and easy to use tool or platform that allows one to easily and quickly build an online presence on internet with a drag and drop interface, no coding or FTP knowledge is required. All needed is an email address to sign up and you will get started with Wix’s web hosting.


Webflow has an HTML CSS editor while Wix doesn’t have one and it doesn’t require any code to build the website.

Webflow lets you fully customize the page, whereas Wix usually has templates.

Webflow comes with ZAPIER integration, while Wix is more user-friendly.



  • Webflow vs Wix: Which is more Easier to Use?

Wix is well-renown for standing quite intuitive and straightforward to use. It doesn’t count if you’re green when it comes to web design, you’ll still be capable to make fine use of Wix.



The signup procedure is simplistic. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes, as they don’t ask for bags of personal information.


The dashboard is where you access all of your SEO backgrounds. It’s best described as the ‘epicenter’ of where everything runs on.

It’s straight to use, but still provides tons of tools and options for customization.


For example, Wix recently added the following functionalities to their catalog of tools:

  • Developed parallax scrolling effects
  • Easy navigation choices
  • Video background integration alternatives



If you’re a web designer, you’ll be happy to listen Webflow’s editor has loads of design choices for you to peruse across. But, the sheer amount of choice could be overwhelming to anyone new to the world of web design.

As such, many users seeing Webflow’s interface as more interesting, to begin with.

Yes, the difficulty level is relatively more than Wix. But, to be honest to Webflow, their user interface is logically-structured, albeit more confusing. Plus, just like Wix, the signup procedure is also quick and easy, so Webflow has that in its favor.


Webflow vs Wix: Feature Lists and Flexibility

For your ease, some of Webflow’s key hallmarks here:

  • Key to high-end web design customization tools
  • HTML/CSS editing attributes
  • Blogging functionalities
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animations

The high-quality design is something Webflow puts lots of effort into, which is why Webflow offers so many peculiar features for you to add to your website. These are just a few of the more refined things you can produce using Webflow.











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