Digital Marketing Services

It is simple yet most complicated aspect of digital advertising .  One would need best combination of quality and bid to the right kind of keyword to get the desired traffic to your ad.

Pay Per Click (PPC ) is the most effective  way of advertising as these ads are shown to people who are searching for your product or service.

We have most experienced  Search Advertising team  for  Google Ads, Bing Ads , Yahoo Gemini Ads  , 7 Search, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads

Optimization of Website for making it relevant and faster for user and search engine , to get your traffic from the desired audience in organic search engine result page

Our services includes on page optimization and Off page optimization to provide right signals to the search engine .

We ensure you will get the targeted traffic always!

Social Media Advertising is the most important tool for getting the buzz about your product and service. 

If done right it can became single point solution for your customer satisfaction needs and branding

We are expert in getting you the right engagement of audience with your brand  and deliver the message in the best possible way to make them interested in you and your brand

When they say “Content is King” they mean it. Search Engines love good quality content . 

Content is anything on web in the form text ,audio or video that can be used for sharing the information or entertainment  .  We can proactively assure you the unique content creation with us  that matches the quality desired for Search Engines.

We can make voiceovers, videos, animations, infographics, banners, blogs, press releases , e books , documents and what not , you ask for it and we can deliver. 

Contact Center Services

Dedicated Desktop Support Specialist for all your IT related worries available for 24*7 . 

Be it slow computer, virus issues , microsoft office issue , printer , routers and any other software or Operating System related issues we got you covered with us.

 Be it Software related issues, payroll or book keeping . You can trust us with our financial support services  to help you sort all numbers in place.

Virtual Assistant Services

Lets accept this , with the online world on rise you never know when your customer is going to reach out for you  and you cannot be available for 24*7.  we can get you a staff that can work for you 24* 7 * 365 days .  We can cover you for calls, chat and email support services

A Dedicated human resource who can work on your behalf for long tedious routine  jobs  like surveys, feedbacks , form filings,  file copies, data sorting and every thing you can think of.

Text Transcriptions of visual or audio data and vice versa. Codes transcriptions, prescription transcription , e book conversions etc

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